As a business owner I understand how imperative it is to have a social media account to market yourself.  However, many aren’t comfortable with social media and don't care to be.  Learning social media can take a lot of time from your actual business and the rules change so often that it can become a second full time job!  

But it is VERY important and one story-telling video can give you exposure to your ideal client and show why they should choose you.  While going viral is helpful, here at Jay9Designs.social, playing the numbers game (posting a lot & seeing which will catch) is not the ultimate goal.  My goal is to get you sales and make your services/brand digestible to the public.  Going viral will naturally happen when you create valuable, entertaining, and story-telling posts.   So, what is the focus?



The focus is your short/ long-term goals and YOU and your brand personality.   I know this may sound normal & simple, but many social media content managers don’t truly understand brands or how to incorporate the client's personality in their social media.  Sometimes your brand personality can be different from your personality which both need to be considered.  Story-telling is an easy way for consumers to digest and relate to you and your purpose. Creating a social media presence includes all those factors.  Anyone can post regularly, my focus is delivering value and being unique to your brand.



Creating story-telling posts with value that aligns with your business goals and considers your personality is my biggest advantage.  I was a freelance graphic designer for 10-years, next year I will be in sales for 19 years and 3 years as a resin artist.  I’ve had to develop a skill of listening to clients and translating their needs into visuals, curating brands, customizing projects, and selling it to an audience.  While consistency and posting regularly is important, I feel like people choose small business because of being personable which shouldn’t be lost.  I understand trends, usually recognize if an algorithm change is beneficial or spam, adapt to new updates quickly and thoroughly enjoy being creative.   


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