About Me

Welcome to my digital corner! Jay9Designs is a marriage of my love for art and home decor. The name originated from my first name, Janine. Growing up in South Carolina, many teachers would tell me how to spell my name which caused me as a child to spell it often. Eventually I shortened the spelling of my name by saying “J-A-9” which became my nickname throughout my school years.

I went to Art School with every intention of pursuing a career in Graphic Design because I loved magazines and editorial spreads. I started working for Essence magazine and realize very quickly I loved LOOKING at editorial spreads, but not making them. I started working in sales and loved it, but over the years still yearned to express my creativity.

I travelled and lived in different states and countries... and only during quarantine did I find that missing link. Once I started creating custom functional art pieces using resin... everything I learned in school, in my travels, years of experience in marketing/sales collided together. 

Jay9Designs is the beginning of so many more creative outlets I plan to explore.  I’m grateful that you are interested in being apart of the journey. Subscribe to my little digital corner for new updates. 

I hope you enjoy having these pieces in your home as much as I enjoyed making them.